Why Recruitle?

Why Recruitle?

Recruitle makes the process of finding a new job faster, better and much easier. We support candidates and companies by investing in people.

We have reinvented recruitment. The new way to find the right job. That is why we founded Recruitle.com. Join us and let’s make changes together!

  • +5.000 subscribers
  • Unique in Europa
  • Guaranteed signing bonus

Benefits for candidates

Candidates can always apply for vacancies via the Recruitle website and App. All vacancies are displayed based on preferences and always with advance salary information. Job seekers can always chat with companies and follow the application process 24/7. When you get hired, you will receive a guaranteed signing bonus!


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Benefits for companies

Invest directly in new employees instead of expensive recruiters and advertisements. Via Recruitle, employers can post vacancies for free via their own profile page. The system automatically matches the best candidates based on ‘candidate matching’. Recruitle gives employers the freedom and enjoyment of hiring new employees back, by investing in people and facilitating candidates and employers.


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Our story

Our story

We are a group of thinkers and dreamers. Looking for new ways to challenge the status quo. Our main goal is to make the world a better place through innovation.

Recruitle was created in 2016 due to both good and bad experiences in the proces of finding a job and employees. Founded in 2017 with the idea that recruitment can be better, fairer and more transparent. That is why we invest in companies and candidates. We want to improve the process of finding a new job and / or the right candidate.

Humble beginnings


Recruitle has not been born yet, but the idea for a fair recruitment process is in the making.

What’s in a name


The name Recruitle is a combination of the words ‘recruiter’ and ‘humble‘.

Website & App


Recruitle is being developed and tested behind the scenes for the web and as an application.

Open for business


Recruitle makes it possible to subscribe for an invitation. The first e-mail addresses roll in and Recruitle receives a lot of positive feedback.

First 5.000 subscribers


More than 5,000 people and companies have subscribed for an invitation. Recruitle is preparing for the launch!

European coverage


Recruitle will go live at the end of 2019 in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and UK. After this, the rest of Europe will follow together with several countries outside of Europe. We will continue to add new countries.

Office Space

Pieter Calandlaan 244 | 1069 KV Amsterdam